I was first introduced to this concept through Death Cab For Cutie's recent LP bearing Kintsugi as the title. I was raised in a very conservative Christian town from middle school through my high school graduation. I've realized recently that growing up in this setting has left me wounded by a lot of ideas in Americanized-Christianity; Fear of hell, angry God in the sky...(multiply that by daddy-issues)...and you’ve got yourself an thoroughbred emo kid. I’ve lived most of my life from underneath that shadow. This art form has helped...

How Do We Change?

Hello Friends!

I’ve decided to start posting a (somewhat) regular Sunday blog. Shannon will be sprinkling some of her thoughts on occasion as well. Feel free to read it, share it, comment, agree/disagree. Let's build a community and grow together. Here we go! 


How do we change the way we see the world? Our neighbors? Our leaders?

I don't know. 

I’ve spent thirty years digging into this question and have never found the well full of gold. I’ve never had the Hollywood epiphany where...